Luxury Estate and Complex Residential Appraisals

Richard Wolfe is a specialist for high end property appraisals in Los Angeles & Orange County. The neighborhoods and pocket areas throughout these High End areas can vary greatly from one street to another and neighborhood boundaries are not always clearly defined. This can make appraising in these areas very difficult. He has been specializing in these areas since 1991 and understands the complexities involved in accurately assessing residential properties in these areas. He has also assisted some of the top Real Estate agents in these areas to help with their valuation for listing properties

When it comes to appraising for lending purposes, Westside Appraisal Solutions has a proven track record of reducing lenders time and efforts in managing the appraisal process through high quality appraisals and professional service.

We're one of the leaders in this area providing Residential appraisal services on Single Family Residences, Condos, 2-4 Units & Vacant Land for various purposes!

· Primary and Secondary Mortgages

· Mortgage Refinancing

· Pre-Listing Purposes

· Representation at Tax Assessment Appeal Hearing

· Property Tax reduction Appraisals

· Estate Planning

· Divorce Settlement

· Retrospective Valuation

· Expert Witness Testimony

· Tax Purposes

· Insurance Purposes

· Casualty Loss

· Partial Interest

· Date of Death Appraisal

· Proposed Construction

This is just a small sample of the Appraisal services we can provide. Please contact us at 424-235-7887 for further assistance.

Who should choose us to serve their real estate appraisal needs?

  • Mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, Builders, Investors, Attorneys, CPA's, etc:
    We are experts in providing residential mortgage appraisals in Los Angeles & Orange County and are approved with most all the Major lenders in today's market. We also perform residential appraisals outside the lending arena for various non-lending purposes. We also offer expert witness testimony in cases that require an experienced courtroom appraiser.
  • REALTORS® and real estate agents:
    We offer pre-listing appraisal services as well as a full range of appraisal services to support your clients’ home buying or home selling needs. Detailed Home Sketches are also available for marketing purposes, square footage confirmation, etc.
  • FSBOs, home sellers and homeowners:
    A listing appraisal can be a powerful tool for a for-sale-by-owner home seller. Give yourself peace of mind that your largest investment — your Westside area real estate — is really worth what you think it is by obtaining a professional appraisal by an experienced appraiser.

We keep our professional service very competitive with anybody in the industry by offering:

· Reasonable Turnaround Times

· Highest Quality Appraisal Reports

· Electronic Ordering and Delivery

· First Class Customer Service

If your needs include a professional, prompt, accurate real estate appraisal, contact us to get started today.

We look forward to working with you and servicing all your real estate appraisal needs!


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